Our Core Values

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In the belief that knowledge is at the heart of capability, TDC’s work culture and practices emphasise and foster the following:

  • Learning at the intersection of ‘community’ (both at the level of the company, as well as its clients and/or their ultimate beneficiaries);
  • Shared practice (with the company’s network of experts and its clients); and
  • Empowerment through a can-do attitude and spirit.

A transformative capacity approach always seeks to find ways to resolve blockages, challenge ideas, facilitate the construction on new meaning, create and leverage value and opportunities, generate new insights and experience, and explores innovative ways to apply knowledge and resources for impactful results.

TDC aims to foster a keen sense of community within the company and with its clients, as well as with its support network of experts and service providers. These groups are regarded as critical constituents of TDC’s constellation of interconnected communities and linkages that support processes by which interaction, learning, and action take place.