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Success of development interventions requires implementation capacity. Evaluations of numerous development programmes and projects consistently point to weaknesses in translating development policies and strategies into executable actions. However, attempts to address this capacity challenge have been adhoc and ‘implementation capacity’ has rarely been sufficiently addressed independent of projects.

More than ever before there is an urgent need for a frontal approach to address this challenge. The lives of millions of people in Africa rest on the effective and efficient utilization of resources to meet the needs of society.

As a contribution to addressing this challenge TDC has initiated the Implementation Capacity Imperative. The goal is to cultivate and entrench a culture of acting for results among state and non-state development stakeholders.


Roundtable on Implementation Capacity

TDC and its partners organised a consultative roundtable discussion on 14 November 2018. The objective of the event was to engage a select-group of stakeholders to discuss and identify some of the key areas that need investment towards effective implementation practices in Africa.

See report for more information.